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RoeBot \ro-bät\ n (1973) [American] 1 : a man or woman who rejects human reason and morality in favor of mindless devotion to Roe vs. Wade 2 : someone of value to the pro-choice community because of their limited critical thinking skills and cult-like obedience 3 : a useful idiot for the abortion industry

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Damon Stutes, Abortionist

Damon Stutes, Abortionist

damonstutes1-1 DamonStutesSign1 DamonStutesSign2 A group of photos of Damon Stutes who is an Abortionist. He made a graphic display that he put up outside his abortion facility. He had signs that say: Pro-Life? They're Killing Doctors!, HONK for Pro-Choice, Guns dont kill people Radical pro-lifers do. He also taped a penis model onto a wodden stick so it looked like a cross and hung the other male reproductive parts above that. Plus he himself distroyd the pro-lifers graphic abortion pictures by standing on top of them and pointing at them in a threatening mannor

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